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Utility, golf, shuttle bus, industrial, custom carts for sale

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EMC Electric Vehicles offer a diverse range of products to suit a variety of applications, from light recreation through to heavy industrial use.

  • Golf Carts / Buggies for sale
  • Resort Vehicles / People Movers for sale
  • Industrial Burden Carriers and Materials Handling vehicles for sale
  • Special Purpose & Custom Builds for sale and made to order
  • Multi-Purpose Utility Vehicles for sale and made to order
  • Vehicle Hire / Lease / Rental

We also offer a wide variety of parts and accessories to customise your vehicle, plus a nationwide service and repair network:

  • Parts & Accessories for sale, including batteries, battery chargers, golf cart bling and replacement parts
  • Service & Repairs for EMC and all other brands of golf carts including Yamaha, EZ-GO, Club Car and more.



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Our electric vehicles, commonly produced as variable bodies mounted onto a sturdy cart base, are designed to meet the latest and greatest trends in appearance, technology and value.

To list just a few of our many supreme design features:

  • Debris guard: protects the electrical system from debris, twigs and mud.
  • Hydraulic brakes: available on most models and assist the smooth, easy braking of your vehicle.
  • All-conditions chassis: significantly stronger than other options on the market, and all frames are made to suit the intended usage of your specific vehicle for maximum lifetime and safety.
  • World’s best electronics: Electric Carts’ extensive product range use the world’s leading programmable Electronics Controllers, manufactured by USA-based electronics experts Curtis. This is the same brand of electronics controller as fitted to other quality golf carts including Club Car, Yamaha, EZGO and Fairplay. Dealer and service departments have an Electronic Tool know as a “Programmer.” Using this hand held electronic diagnostic “Programmer” tool, your dealer can troubleshoot and isolate problems, and also program and customise cart performance to suit different applications.
  • Variable speed: vehicles can be regulated to a low or high max speed; for example, for use indoors, mid-range torque can be increased, acceleration rates can be adjusted and regenerative brakes can be turned on/off.
  • Anti-Walk Away feature: can be activated so the car won’t roll away when parked on a slope even if the driver forgets to lock the parking brake. Please note: this is not available all models and should not be relied on as the sole parking brake.
  • Best batteries: many of our vehicles (including both our MA and EMC ranges) come with American-made Trojan Deep Cycle batteries as standard equipment. Trojan batteries are considered one of the best batteries in the world, with life and performance figures up to one third better than some competitors. Other new US batteries are also available as an option.
  • Performance plus: golf carts for sale and all electric vehicles come with a range of engine sizes, including the market-leading 4 kilowatt motor. Compared to competitors 2.2 kilowatt or optional 3kw motor, nothing gets near the 4 kilowatt for hill climbing and acceleration.
  • Incredible turning circle: with advanced rack and pinion steering, some drivers mistake it for power steering! Turning circle manoeuvrability is simple and amazing...
  • Colour choices: automotive quality paint available in white, red, black, blue, champagne and green.
  • Seat belts: VEV offer seat belts across the range. In some cases, seat belts can offer extra safety especially when the cart is used as transport.
  • Secure your bags: EMC golf carts come with a newly-redesigned divided bag well, with textured not slip surface. Plus the new “wide strap” single latch clamp means your bag is locked in securely in seconds.
  • Optional extras: with up to 4 drink holders, two dash compartments, rear wire basket, optional under seat storage tray and an optional electric on-board fridge, you’ll never be stuck for somewhere to stow your gear and a cool drink is always at hand!

Our diverse product range is utilised across a wide range of industries, such as:

  • Resorts and accommodation: hotels and motels (room servicing, maintenance, housekeeping, laundry), conferences and conventions, tourism and tourist transport, aged care facilities, gated communities.
  • Governments: defence (air force, army and navy), education (schools, TAFEs, universities, colleges), emergency services (police, ambulance, fire).
  • Correctional facilities: prisons and jails, security.
  • Border security: customs and quarantine.
  • Leisure facilities: theme parks, zoos, parks, wildlife centres, camp sites, caravan parks, tour sites, casinos, wineries, distilleries, breweries, orchards, golf courses, rifle ranges and hunting grounds.
  • Security.
  • Clubs: RSLs and Diggers, amateur and professional sports clubs.
  • Waste management: garbage, sewerage, recycling and hazmat.
  • Warehouses and factories.
  • Logistics and materials handling: forklift, dump trucks, tippers, burden carriers.
  • Horse studs and equestrian centres.
  • Shipyards and docks.
  • Mining and resource extraction.
  • Car parks and parking stations.
  • Motor racing and motor sport teams.
  • Stadiums and entertainment arenas.
  • Event management: party hire, concerts, weddings, conferences and business meetings.
  • Real estate developments: display homes, accommodation, aged care facilities, construction sites and excavations.


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